Live Film Performance, digital video and super8, work in progress, variable duration between 50 and 80 minutes

Performed at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin and Gare Du Nord, Basel

a short documentation of the first show at HKW Berlin at the festival 100 Years of Copyright

the show consists of a series of short films with added live comments and explanations.

here are two of these films that were shown in Berlin and at the Scelsi Festival 2019 at the Gare Du Nord, Basel

Prof. Nicola Bernardini explains the Ondiola instrument

Prof. Friedrich Jaecker, Cologne, talks about the Giacinto Scelsi piece PHAT

The live film THE SCELSI TAPES is still growing, new parts are being added, older ones are reedited. Someday a documentary film may emerge from this.