*1962, experimental  filmmaker, musician, lives in Berlin


studied applied theatre science at Universitiy Gießen and fine arts and experimental film at University of Fine Arts, Berlin. Makes films and film performances. Worked as a film curator for Volksbühne Berlin theatre between 2003 and 2017, held a professorship for experimental film at University of Art, Berlin from 2007 to 2013.

his works have been shown at International Film Festivals like Berlinale Forum Expanded, at Centre Pompidou, Paris, at Reina Sophia, Madrid, at Art Biennale Sao Paulo, at Torino International Film Festival, San Francisco, Edinburgh.

has two daughters, lives in Berlin. Survived a severe stroke in 2022


1987 THE POWER OF MADNESS / DIE MACHT DES WAHNSINNS, silent film, 60min, writer, co- director, together with Ernst Kubitza, WP: Int. Filmfest München

1990 IN THE SHADOW OF THE PYRAMIDS / IM SCHATTEN DER PYRAMIDE, feature film, 90min., writer, co- director, together with Ernst Kubitza, WP: Max Ophüls Festival, Saarbrücken

1994 A WAY A LONE A LAST, silent film, 63 min, writer, director, producer funded by Nordmedia film funding and Hamburger Filmbüro, WP: Int. Film Fest. Figueira da Foz/Portugal 1994. Premio Cinema Juvem

1996 WORDS FOR WINDOWS, videotape, 12 min, writer, director, producer WP: Internationales Forum des Jungen Films, Berlinale

1998 HYPERBOOKS, experimental film, 38 min, writer, director, cinematographer, producer; for NDR, funded by Niedersächsischen Filmförderung, WP: 44.  Int. Short Film Days Oberhausen

1999 VIRTUAL VAMPIRE experimental feature film, 92 min, co production with ZDF Kleine Fernsehspiel. writer, director, producer WP: Festival Max Ophüls Preis 1992

2005 SEVEN HEAVENS / SIEBEN HIMMEL, experimental feature film, 94 min, co production with ZDF Kleine Fernsehspiel. writer, director, producer WP: Hamburger Filmfest 2005,  Torino Int Film Festival

2010 THE ELECTRIC PARADISE / DAS ELEKTRISCHE PARADIES, aleatoric experimental film in 6 parts, 208min, writer, director, producer WP: Forum Expanded, 60. Berlinale, 2010

2021 HOW LONG IS NOW, experimental documentary, film essay, 84 min, writer, director, producer, WP: MIEFF 2021, Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin 2021

Stage/ Performance/ Installation/ Radio Play (selected works)

1989-1990 video installation for Deutsche Theater Berlin, “Hamlet/Maschine“, director: Heiner Müller

1992 scholarship Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, radio play author workshop. radio play: DA CAPO AL FINE for Deutschlandradio Kultur

1994 video installation  TWO ROOMS / ZWEI RÄUME for Theater am Turm, FFM

1996-1998 member of performance group LUXUS BERLIN, together with choreographer Alexandra Engel and filmmaker Oliver Jahn

1997 films und slide-projections for opera Saints & Singing, Hebbeltheater Berlin, director: Robert Wilson

2001 composition for a ballet music for Stuttgarter Ballett, PASSACAGLIA, choreographer: Christian Spuck

2003 bis 2006 script, dramaturgy, editing for the film THE IDIOT / DER IDIOT, after the novel of Dostojevski for Frank Castorf (Volksbühne Berlin) GER 2006,  270 min, director: Frank Castorf

2016 Vapour, short film by director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Live Guitar Performance

2017 -2022 ongoing series. Strange Matter, live film performance 60min. mixed media

2019 THE SCELSI TAPES, live film performance, 60 min