Live Film Performance, in various versions since 2013


Volksbuehne Am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin, April 2017
documentation 5 Minuten

Strange Matter IV
I Want To Be An Iceberg
Kassel Art Association 2019

documentation 17 min.

Strange Matter/Seltsame Materie Live Film Performance,
Zwingli Kirche, Berlin, Oktober 2017

documentation 25min.


a live film concert by Michael Busch

different versions, mixed media, duration about  60 minutes

Strange matter does not occur on earth in a stable form. The Strange Quark causes a state of constant dissolution and transformation. According to conspiracy theories, Strange Matter can also transform our stable matter into a strange state, even swallowing it. In this respect the appearance of Strange Matter is always dangerous. In large particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the risk of Strange Matter occurring must be minimised.

The transience of matter, of images and thoughts, their “strangeness” is the core of Michael Busch’s work. In this audiovisual score he works with several Super 8 projectors, slides and video, cross-fades images, plays in texts, makes music around a prepared concert grand piano. In a mixture of concert and film performance, banal Super 8 films are thus transformed into a dystopian, multi-layered film narrative in which floods, contaminated water and endless rainfall play a major role. The images and narratives are fleeting and unrepeatable, creating a special visual poetry of transience.

(press text Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz)

“I was a big Tarkowski fan in my youth. When Solaris was once broadcast on television, I sat in front of the screen with my Super 8 camera and “filmed” my own Solaris film, compressed to the  three minutes of the super 8 cartridge. The ocean in this film is the area of planetary memory, memories that come alive in the spaceship that circles this planet. Death is only a short, temporary station in the cycle of memories. This Super 8 film in its current version forms the visual backbone of the second part of the 5-part film performance. Acoustically, this part includes an improvisation on the Schubert song Wasserfluth”