Luxusberlin was a media performance group of  Michael Busch, Alexandra Engel and Oliver Jahn. It existed between 1996 and 1998.
Main works were the media performance WORDS FOR WINDOWS(1996-98), the media space THE NOOSPHERE (1998), the performance 20 MINUTES (1997)

WORDS FOR WINDOWS, a semi-transparent cube that can be extended to 4 screens. The actions inside the cube are filmed and beamed back to the cube from outside. A theatre system which was used in different versions for ballet and opera.


20MINUTES, a two-part performance about the film “Killing Of A Chinese Bookie” by Joh Cassavetes with allusions to “Lost Highway” by David Lynch, based on Japanese Noh – theatre practices.
In the first part of the theatre evening, a timeline of videos and audio tracks is produced, which then accompanies the  narrated story of the second part.
Performers of the first part: Luxusberlin
Performer of the second part: Christina Rehm
WP Theater am Halleschen Ufer, 1997

Part ONE

Part TWO