Bruno Taut – The Dissolution of Cities

Bruno Taut, in his facets of esoteric artistry and socially responsible building, is a fascinating modern personality who combines reason and utopia.

The Dissolution of Cities consists of 30 drawings by Bruno Taut and an 80-page text volume of utopian socialist-influenced texts.
Political texts by Lenin, Friedrich Engels, Tolstoy are juxtaposed with poems by Hölderlin and Walt Whitman.
“Everywhere every human being must have the surface of the earth that he needs by nature” is already written on sheet 4 of his drawings. The prerequisite for this, in his view, was the elimination of all cities and states. Taut’s aim was to show the consequences of an equal distribution of people under the conditions of a happy need arising from the inner necessity of each individual. The book was intended to enable its readers to reflect “upon what is to be considered in the present day in the construction of new settlements.” Concepts for traffic planning, energy supply and self-sufficiency were included.


Fine Arts Research grant Berlin Senat for Culture and Europe 2021

process funding about architect Bruno Taut   Fonds Darstellende Künste  2022