Faces Book / Das Buch der Gesichte

film archive (work in progress)— D 2014–open end
HD Video, color
a project by Michael Busch

„Gesichte“ is an old fashioned german word, close to „Gesichter“, which means „faces“, but these faces are more of a vision, an image from a dream or a hallucination, it is about inner landscapes. The one who sees these phantoms is in a  transcendent room, an undefined in-between. „Gesichte“ also appear in the japanese Noh theatre plays, where real people meet ghosts, souls of the passed, that find no rest.

The Faces Book is a collection of my obsession of this worlds in-between, merging worlds, overlapping worlds, overlapping like two green screen video images, not accurate enough to avoid the light greenish shimmer in the hair of the teenage model.

The basis of this collection is the photographic still image, the frozen pose. The film is like a photobook in time, the „book“ like part of it like a page of a facebook chronical, a pile of short clips, pix, texts, comments, in a boundless subjectivity.